Dolores Peña
Dolores Peña
Since 2013

Dolores Peña is a bilingual Real Estate Broker. She has been in the Real Estate industry for many years and enjoys helping and guiding her clients. Being a broker gives her the satisfaction of helping her clients achieve their goal of having a home, and it gives her a great sense of accomplishment. Dolores was born in Mexico and still remembers how it felt to dream of having a home to call her own in the United States. That is why she’s here to help.

“My key to success is trying new things, always doing my best and believing in myself along the way.”

Dolores has an Education background. Mrs. Peña is a part of South West Organization Project whose goal is to improve life in our neighborhoods. She enjoys bonding with the community, adults and children.  Her favorite hobbies and pastimes include reading and exercising. She has two daughters, an adorable granddaughter and two lovely cats.