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Prepare Home for Spring Selling


6 Ways to Prepare Home in the Spring

Prepare Home for Spring Selling

 6 Ways to Prepare Home in the Spring

1 Keep the outdoor clean

A messy home from the outside is unattractive. Doing some outdoor cleaning is important when selling your home. This includes: mowing the lawn, planting some flowers, removing any garbage, cleaning the outside windows, cleaning the gutter, etc.

2 Inspect the home for any repairs

The inside of the home is just as important as the outside. Look for any broken or damaged areas of your home and take the time to repair them. For instance, this can mean inspecting walls for water damage, check for plumbing issues, check windows, cracks in the walls, etc.

3 Retouch the paint

If necessary, retouch the paint in the walls. Try to keep the colors neutral

4 Eliminate bad odors

The first step in the door marks the first impression. If a home has a funky odor, the buyers will not be comfortable. Make sure your home is odor free. Some things you can do is place air fresheners in every room to keep the home smelling good.

5 Clean/Polish floors

Keeping your floors clean is very important. Keeping the floor swept and polished makes the home look clean. Sweep any dust and clean the floors or polish the wood in order to make a good impression.

6 Create a welcoming environment

No one likes to walk around a home with a mess. Keep things like clothes, toys, shoes, supplies off of the floor. Organize every room in the house, including closets. This will not only make the house hazard free, but it will improve the overall look of the home.

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