Client Stories

Jan 10, 2021



"I 've been looking forward to writting this review almost from the moment my husband, Joel and I started working with Ariadna Franco as our real estate agent. 

First, I do not give compliments easily and because of my work background, I'd say that it takes a lot to impress me professionally. I work in the finance industry representing high net worth clients. My job is to promise and deliver results as quickly and efficiently as possible. I  dont like to be over-promised and constantly having to remind someone to text me information requested or do what I think should be part of their job. 

Ariadna has been two steps ahead of us throughout this whole process. Texted us addresses and detailed showing reminders well before appointments, been a liaison in constant communication with our attorney, lender, seller's attorney, has been resourceful and very upfront. 

My husband and I heard more from Ariadna than anyone else in the lending process combined. She's on her A game and her confidence and strategy in representing her clients is admirable. 

Because of Ariadna, our lending experience was smooth as seamless could be considering all the hoops that came along with buying a house. She's a gem of an agent!" 

Joel and Ana Kashuba
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